About me

So I don’t really know how this blog things works, but I would like to give it a shot. I want people to see me, for me. And I want to use this page to show who I am. I am  the girl, who strives to be perfect, I am the girl who is still trying to find her place and who she is, I am the girl who sometimes feels not good enough, but then the very next day can feel like a princess, I am the girl that believes a good outfit, perfect hair and a little makeup (especially lip gloss)- indeed can change a bad day into a good one. I am the girl who is never skinny enough for my own liking, but also wants to eat my weight chocolate all at once. I’m the girl who is so scared of being hurt, that it can be hard for me to understand love. I plan on this blog being very girl, fully of the things I love. Please follow me to learn more.

                                                       xoxo always, Marygrace